Good By PSIA!

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Good By PSIA!

Postby Bling Skier » Jul 20th, '05, 08:46

It's about time someone started to think the way I do about PSIA!

"Ski School should not mean ‘old school line-ups,’ stuffy teachers, and standing around."

Read on....

ski press
Warren, Vermont (Ski Press)-Sugarbush Resort is redefining how people learn alpine snow sports by naming John Egan and Doug Lewis co-directors of the mountain’s Ski + Ride School.

“This is a completely new method of teaching people how to ski and ride,” commented Vice President of Recreational Services Missy Siner Shea, referring to the program the two ski legends have designed. “For years instruction has taken a traditional approach to teaching the basics of the sport. Doug and John bring an incredibly dynamic and innovative approach to learning. Their programs will combine the discipline of racing with the intense energy of adventure skiing all in an atmosphere devoted to having

Egan, a world-renowned adventure skier and Sugarbush local since 1976, began his professional ski career on the World Pro Mogul Tour. He later went on to star in such legendary Warren Miller films as Black Diamond Rush, Vertical Reality and Double Exposure. The famed ski movie producer once said of Egan that he’s “the boldest, most innovative skier to come along.” In addition to moguls and movies, Egan has racked up nine first descents in places as remote as Siberia and Greenland.

Doug Lewis, a graduate of the Green Mountain Valley School in Waitsfield, exploded onto the national racing circuit after winning his first Junior Olympic title in 1981 by claiming a spot on the US Ski Team. He later went on to compete in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics and won the bronze medal in the Downhill at the 1985 World Championships.

Neither Egan nor Lewis is new to Sugarbush. Both have acted as celebrity ambassadors for the Resort for more than 15 years. In addition to representing Sugarbush at promotional events, the two have been actively involved with Ski + Ride School programming at the Resort.

“Our ultimate goal is for everyone to have fun,” says Egan. “Whether we help you build on the skills you already have or give you a new way to overcome an obstacle in your skiing, everyone that participates in the Ski + Ride School will leave with more confidence.”

In addition to his new leadership role, Lewis also serves as Sugarbush’s Director of Recreational Racing. He oversees the NASTAR racing program where he hosts “Doug Lewis Race Days” that offer recreational racers the opportunity to race head-to-head with an Olympian. His enthusiasm and commitment led the Sugarbush Recreational Race Team to 4th place in its first year at the NASTAR National Championships in Park City, UT last March.

According to Doug Lewis, “both John and I see a real opportunity to create something different here at Sugarbush. Ski School should not mean ‘old school line-ups,’ stuffy teachers, and standing around. Instead, ours will incorporate the structure of PSIA with influences from World Cup racing and new school adventure. What evolves will be fun, exciting, and challenging with a goal of improving everyone’s skiing and riding while having a blast up on the mountain.”
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Postby Dr. NO » Jul 20th, '05, 09:27

Douglas is an unbelievable person. Always UP and always ready to go. Haven't met Egan, but people I know have followed him in the woods. They say he is NUTS, but really good. Should prove to be an innovative endeavor.

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Postby ozzy » Jul 20th, '05, 10:02

Thats cool of sugarbush to do away with the PSIA system. it worked for a while, but it's time to move on. the demands of the alpine community need more. PSIA needs to step up or move aside. who ever would have thought that sugarbush would be new age or cutting edge.
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Postby CAPBOY » Jul 21st, '05, 23:10

Been pondering taking clinic with egan. Think it would be a lot of fun. Somebody told me I'd learn a lot and be a much better skier in the long run.
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